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Server Rules

Post by Ray Hopkins on Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:13 am

These are the general server rules. Failure to follow them will result in a ban.

Basic Rules
• Do not Random Death Match - This is killing someone for no roleplay reason.
• Do not break New Life Rule - When you get killed, you must not return to the specific area you died, or participate in any activities that you did before your death. (This excludes bank robbery for police)
• Do not Meta-Game - Do not use OOC information to your RP advantage.
• Do not use hacks - Wallhacks, Aimbots, Sethhack ect are all strictly forbidden.
• Do not Mic Spam - Do not spam music on the streets. ( But you can RP a club / disco )
• Do not Random Demote - Demoting, ragedemoting, double-demoting and false demotes are all forbidden.
• Do not Jobsteal - Do not demote someone just to take their job.
• Do not Car Death Match - This is basically RDM, but in a car.
• Do not be racist - We will not tolerate rasicm of any kind.
• Do not attempt to block the spawn.

RP Rules
• Names - RP names must be appropriate. No racial or profane words.
• Advertisements - Only use /advert for RP related purposes.

Job Specific Rules
• Police Officials must not randomly arrest people - You cannot arrest a person for no reason, they must have broken a law first.
• Police Officials cannot search or raid a base / house for no reason.
• Citizens are not to participate in any raids.

Raiding Rules
Police/Chief-You need a warrant in order to raid a person's base.
S.W.A.T./FBI-You do not need a warrant to raid a base, but you need a good reason(located below).

Reasons to raid: -If you hear people talking about their drugs.
-If you see people talking about their drugs in regular chat(Not /OOC).
-If you hear gunshots within the base.
-If there is a /report in the base.
-If you get a /911 call that leads you to the inside of the base.
-You can not raid based off of a tip. This is considered metagame. The person could lie about the information or break raiding rules to get the information.
-Failure to follow the rules will lead to a demotion.

-You need to have a good reason for raiding a base(listed below)

Reasons to raid: -If the Mob Boss tells you too.
-If the base looks like it has a potential value.
-If you get a report of valuables from a fellow gangster.

Thief-You can only raid if you are hired by someone else. This means no solo raids.

No other classes can raid. If caught raiding, you will be demoted for failrp.
• The only jobs that are allowed to commit raids are Police Officials(Excluding Mayor), Gangsters, Mob Boss, Hitman, and Thief.

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