JCNaziZombies Moderator Application

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JCNaziZombies Moderator Application

Post by JCNaziZombies on Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:44 pm

Steam ID:JCNaziZombies
Steam Profile link: Cant Post It For Seven Days Wil Update
Age: 13
I am From: United States
RP Name: JCNaziZombies
Time Spent on Gmod:822 Hours
Time spent on [iS 6 hours
Do you use a Microphone?: Yes
Hours you are available daily: 3-4 Hours Sometimes 5 hours
Why you?:The Reason I Want To Be Moderator Is i Want To Help You And Your Community And Get rid Of Hackers/Script Kitties And Other Scum Smile


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