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Application Templates

Post by Ray Hopkins on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:05 am

If you are applying for a position you must use the correct template or it will simply be ignored!

You Must only apply for a rank available to you, the tree goes as follows;

Moderator> Administator> Super Admin> Site Administrator

Moderator Template

Steam ID:
Steam Profile link:
I am From:
RP Name:
Time Spent on Gmod:
Time spent on [iS]
Do you use a Microphone?:
Hours you are available daily:
Why you?:

If you already have a position of staff (Moderator) you need to fill this out for a promotion;

Promotion Template

Current Position:

How long have you had this position:

Why you deserve a promotion:


Forum Moderator Template

I am From:
Experience with web-software:
Hours you are available daily:
Why you?:

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